Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More Than Beautiful

     We have talked in class before about how the media helps to shape our society. In magazines, many models are seen to women and girls as the ideal human being, and many of the magazine readers strive to be like those they see. However, a girl named Madeline Stuart is changing the way our society defines "beautiful". Madeline is an 18 year old girl with down syndrome. Despite societies views on people with disabilities, Madeline is pursuing her dream of becoming a model. Madeline's goal is to change the way people view those with down syndrome, saying that "exposure will help to create acceptance". There is no doubt that there are many stereotypes regarding people with disabilities, and Madeline is working to break that barrier. Madeline has put her mind to her cause; she has made herself healthier in order to prove to people that she can be just as good as anyone. She has already gotten a few modeling gigs, and is currently looking for an agent.
    Madeline said, "It's time people realize that people with Down Syndrome can be beautiful and should be celebrated". What Madeline is doing is very courageous and is a big step forward in breaking stereotypes. It takes strength for anyone to stand up for what they believe in, but Madeline is not letting anyone stop her. Along with getting the message out that people with a disability can do anything, Madeline is also trying to inspire others to stand up and do something similar.  
     A similar event happened over at New York Fashion Week when Jamie Brewer became the first woman with down syndrome to walk the runway. Like Madeline Stuart, she stepped out of societies boundaries and made a change. Brewer was described as "an absolute star", not only for being present at the event but also because she is an activist for people with disabilities. I believe that these two women, coming out like this, will really have an impact on our society. While the typical models in a magazine may be known as beautiful, the women like Brewer and Stuart are more than beautiful because they are making a change.

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